Portfolio of coffee processing plants in three East African countries

Secure a reduction in electricity cost and a reliable access to electricity to power the processing plants during day and night

  • Coffee plants are located in remote rural areas suffering from unreliable grid connection.
  • Up to 40% of the coffee wet and dry mills annual load is powered by on-site back-up diesel generator.
  • During harvesting season, the coffee wet and dry processing activities need to operate during days and nights, despite grid outages.
  • Maximise integration of solar PV generation.
  • Reduce costs by reducing dependancy on back-up diesel.
  • Reduce grid cost by removing consumption during peak tariff periods.
  • Improve manufacturing efficiency by securing reliable high quality power supply.
On-site microgrid solution
  • Solar PV installations on factory roof tops or ground mounted ranging from 50 kWp to 1 MWp.
  • Battery energy storage system.